Jelly Cats is special cat species living on the Ethereum blockchain. This collection consists of 5000 Jelly Cats PFP(profile picture) images for you to own as NFTs.

Like all animals on Earth, Jelly Cats are cute and adorable, sometimes evil and psycho, they are all innocent. Let’s spread the love to animals as if we love Jelly Cats. “Loving animals” is simply the message of this project. By building and growing a positive community of like-minded people, we hope more love, care and help could be delivered to every animal in need on this lovely planet.

When is the sale?

Stage 1 sale is on 10th October, 2022 at UTC 12pm.

What is mint price?

Stage 1 sale supply is 150. 50 for Allow List @0.005eth. 100 for public @0.008eth.

Has the smart contract been verified?

Yes, you can view the contract here.

What is the benefit of being as a Jelly Cat holder?

We offer exclusive rewards to our holders and much more. Please join our discord for more details.

How can I join your community?

You can join our Discord or follow us on Twitter.